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Rachel, Rachel

December 2012

Augusta native Rachel Nichols continues revamping her career as it starts to take off.

Interview by Liza Darvin

Tyler Perry is recognized by the LA Times for having “the talent to move beyond the world of Madea…” in Alex Cross (2012). As co-star of this James Patterson detective thriller, do you feel typecast as Perry’s police colleague who’s targeted and tortured–the ‘tough-as-nails action girl’?

It’s an honor to earn a reputation as a woman who’s totally believable in an action role. That’s hard to do. It started with Alias. Working with Jennifer Garner, who is both a woman and so well established as an action hero, was a platform for me. Those fight sequences were my first taste. And then I got lucky with a bunch of physical roles [GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Conan the Barbarian, and P2, where she’s abducted in a parking garage and ‘kicks ass’ to get away] after that. It will never impede me from doing anything else. I don’t think people will be like, “Oh, she’s an action girl, she can’t do drama.”

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