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Across the Street from Cheverus… Portland’s Ante-Bellum Brady Bunch

The cozy double front parlors complete with working fireplaces, hardwood floors, six- over-six windows, Federal woodwork, and Greek Revival moldings on the first floor of the two story white clapboard house opposite Chev-erus High School on Ocean Avenue seem perfectly suited to sedate grownup activities like crosswords and cocktails; while the slant-ceilinged, loft-like nooks and crannies connecting to a walk-in attic at the back of the upstairs strike one immediately as an ideal setting for kids to engage in more strenuous pur- suits such as hide-and-seek. This duality of purpose no doubt came in handy between 1812 and 1838, when the John Brown Russwurm House – built c. 1810 and now a Greater Portland Landmark listed on the National Register-may have been home to as many as 14 children of parentage as oddly mixed and unlikely as anything you’d encounter on a modem TV sitcom.

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