Table of Contents

April 2013


25 Renaissance Revival
See how we’re getting down to business 
as a big-league hotel destination.
By Patrick Venne

33 Mutiny on the Bounty II
After the disaster comes the inquiry.
By Colin W. Sargent

37 Unforgettable
The ebb and flow of John Marin’s renown is as varied as the view from Cape Split.
By Colin W. Sargent

42 Clone Zones
Portland sports bars are another planet, but the aliens are friendly.
By Christopher Riccardo

47 Français où Franco?
Maine loves ethnic restaurants–so where is the Franco-American food scene?
By Claire Z. Cramer

50 Zero Dark Seventeen
Resourceful high school filmmakers in Brunswick shake up the grown-ups.
By Jeanee Dudley


10 From the Editor
12 Letters
14 Imperatifs
16 Goings On
23 Chowder
57 Restaurant Review
Boston’s Equator
58 Dining Guide
60 Weddings Guide
Unbridled Brides
91 House of the Month
The Lillian Springer House, 
a John Calvin Stevens classic 
on Craigie Street
96 New England
 Homes & Living
102 Fiction
 “A Shower at the Beach”
By Adam Purple
104 Flash

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