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Summerguide 2013


sg2013_new36 Hot Blue Steel
Rockland’s North Atlantic Blues Festival turns 20.
Interview by Claire Z. Cramer

73 Glamping, Thoreau Style
Navigate your way to creature comforts on Moosehead Lake.
By Robert Witkowski

81 Chef Salad
Innovative chefs come to us with fascinating backstories.
By Claire Z. Cramer

91 Wabi Sabi Maine
Perfection’s imperfection is right at home in Vacationland.
From Staff & Wire reports

98  Dream Islands
There are 30 islands for sale right now in Maine, all with tales to tell.
By Adam D. Purple

113 Small World
Cocktail hour, with benefits.
By Claire Z. Cramer

123 West Wing Man
From Maranacook High to HBO’s hit comedy Veep–what a trip!
Interview by Colin W. Sargent

129 Coyote Gorgeous
Prowling at the edge of civilization, our restless friends are smart, resilient, and misunderstood.
By Claire Z. Cramer

32 Cinematic Natives
Do these on-screen Mainers really get here from there?
From Staff & Wire reports

141 What Lies Beneath
Maine’s underwater shipwrecks are windows into a lost world.
By Zach Whalen

147 Douglas Kennedy in Transit
This writer is all over the place.
Interview by Claire Z. Cramer

151 Moveable Beasts
Be a guest at your own lobsterbake  and leave it all to the pros.
By Claire Z. Cramer

162 Music Man *VIDEOS INSIDE!
“Lemon Tree” went global, but the songwriter’s a local.
By Colin W. Sargent

166 Big Fish
Why own a piece of the rock when you can buy all 24 acres of House Island in Portland Harbor?
By Colin S. Sargent

190 Lady of the Lake
An $11.85M luxury lodge on Sebago
tops the Maine Multiple Listings.
By Colin W. Sargent


28  From the Editor

30  Letters

32 Imperatífs

39 Goings On

58 Explore the Midcoast

64 Explore the Kennebunks

68 Explore Freeport

71 Chowder

120 Spirits of Maine

170 Casco Bay Experience

174 Retail Therapy

172 Dining Guide

173 Restaurant Review
Rosemont charmer JP’s

210 New England Homes & Living

233 Fiction
“Echo Lake”
By John Cariani

239 Flash

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