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October 2016


10 From the Editor
12 Letters

33 Vital Statistics

Portland’s magic numbers show a city in evolution.
From Staff & Wire Reports

39 When?
What cultural tipping points turned Portland around to give us international cachet?
By Jamie Holt

45 Dark Horses, Shooting Stars
There’s magic outside the strictures of a list.
Interview with Evan Livada by Colin W. Sargent

74 Brew Masters of the Universe Punk beer rules.
By Olivia Gunn

89 L’Esprit de l’Escalier
“Crossing the Divide”
By Rhea Côté Robbins

104 Flash


77 Hungry Eye
Harvest bounties bring fresh delights from farm to fork.
By Claire Z. Cramer

87 Everyday Sommelier “Tell Me You Didn’t”
Odd couplings that should never happen.
By Ralph Hersom

90 Dining Guide

91 Restaurant Review

Red Sea–a stunning voyage to Ethiopia via Washington Avenue.
By Diane Hudson


93 House of the Month

Cliff dwelling on the Western Prom befitting a postcard king.
By Colin W. Sargent

95 New England Homes & Living

Maine Life

15 Maine Classics
17 Experience
27 Chowder
29 Portland After Dark:

“Mixing Business with
Pleasure” Another taboo bites the dust. And we show you where.
By Karen Hofreiter

83 The Gift List

The locally crafted must-haves you’ll soon be coveting.
From Staff & Wire Reports


51 What Brings Us Here?
New residents share the journeys that brought them to Portland.
By Sarah Moore
Featuring: “Where New Yorkers
Go To Be Happy,” in the words of graphic designer Kate Howe.


65 Maine On Screen

Maris Curran, writer/director of Five Nights in Maine, takes us behind-the-lens. CUT TO: Jared Martin’s and Robert Mrazek’s windswept tale of Monhegan Island, The Congressman.
By Colin W. Sargent

101 Fiction
“St. Anthony’s”
By Greg Brown

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