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April 2017


37 David Driskell: Portrait of the Artist:
Maine’s celebrated artist and scholar takes us into his new work.
By Daniel Kany


47 Bright Spark
Anita Shreve lights up our bookshelves with her latest literary
offering, inspired by the deadly Fire of 1947 that ravaged Maine.
Interview by Sarah Moore


8 From the Editor

10 Letters

59 L’Esprit de l’Escalier “Germinal”
An apple trees spreads its branches across the generations.
By Rhea Côté Robbins

65 Around the World in Maine
Habalyo! What happens when couples blend cultures and traditions on their big day?
By Olivia Gunn

112 Flash

Food & Drink

51 Hungry Eye
We check in with chefs who dance to more than one muse.
By Claire Z. Cramer

57 Everyday Sommelier
“Effervescence” Sparkling wines to awaken your taste buds.
By Ralph Hersom

60 Dining Guide

61 Restaurant Review
Washington Avenue’s new-kid-on-the-block, Izakaya Minato delights and surprises with casual Japanese fare.
By Diane Hudson

Shelter & Design

Cover Story

43 Us Versus The Property Market

Hacking the market: How can Maine’s hopeful home buyers avoid getting left out in the cold?
By Olivia Gunn

99 House of the Month

Millstone Manor, on the Atlantic’s edge, can be your family’s idyll in the Ogunquit Art Colony.
By Colin W. Sargent

102 New England
Home & Living

64 Maine Life

13 Maine Classics

15 Experience

23 Chowder

25 Portland After Dark

“The Curtain Call”
Delicious destinations for apres-performance indulgence. Or, if you’re daring and deft at parking, avant-performance treats!
By Karen Hofreiter

28 Great Escapes Maine
Escape into daydreams with eight soul-expanding summer vacations.
From Staff & Wire Reports

111 Fiction
By William Hall

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