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October 2017


49 Hungry Eye
Forget food hall stir-fry, crab Rangoon, and fortune cookies invented in San Francisco.
A slew of new restaurateurs is showcasing delicious evolutions in modern Asian cuisine.
By Claire Z. Cramer

59 Everyday Sommelier
“The Diamond of the Kitchen”
October heralds the arrival of an Italian indulgence on our shores.By Ralph Hersom

64 Dining Guide

65 Restaurant Review

Little Giant creates a big stir on the West End.
By Claire Z. Cramer


81 House of the Month
Maine meets the Mediterranean on the shores of Frenchman Bay. Welcome to “East of Eden.” 
By Brad Emerson

92 New England Home & Living

Maine Life

17 Maine Classics
19 Concierge
20 Experience
27 Chowder

29 Portland After Dark
“Midnight Feasts”
Where to grab your late-night bite and beer at the witching hour in Portland.

By Sarah Moore

35 Crystal Ball City
Maine’s business landscape is volatile and surprising. Evan Livada of Livada Securities risks a gaze into his crystal ball.
By Colin W. Sargent

43 End Games
In their final hours, down on their luck and dreaming of earlier days, whatever happened to  the private yachts of Bath Iron Works?
By Michael L. Grace

68 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s never too early to begin penning (or pencilling, because hey, because stuff can still happen) your personal naughty-or-nice list.


99 Fiction
“Novel Graphics”
Stunning windows of fiction by Richard Russo, Elizabeth Strout, Anthony Doerr, Lily King, Lois Lowry, and Tess Gerritsen.
From Night Stories, a book project and Center for Maine Contemporary Art exhibition by artist Linden Frederick.


12 From the Editor
14 Letters

63 L’Esprit de l’Escalier
“Ta Vie dans l’Maine”
A song gives shape to unarticulated heartache.
By Rhea Côté Robbins

104 Flash

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