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November 2017


33 Ten Most Intriguing
We bring you up close to ten Mainers causing a stir worldwide:
Hawa Ibrahim and Khadija Hussein, Mother and Daughter on the Move; Senator Angus King, Arctic Visionary; Yamilah Saravong, Emerging Actor; Amanda Charlton Herbert, Intrepid Horsewoman; Travis Mills, Courageous Dreamer; John Hodgman, Master of the Absurd; Jessica Hewitt, Resurfacing Survivor; Wayne Davis, King of the Tracks; and Patrick Corrigan, Creative Chameleon.

Interviews by Sarah Moore,
Olivia Kostishevskaya Gunn, Diane Hudson, Jeanee Dudley, and Julia Tolstrup


57 Hungry Eye

You say three Maine cookery books; I say culinary witchcraft.
By Claire Z. Cramer

61 Everyday Sommelier
“4 Fine Wines”
The perfect Thanksgiving wine. There, that’s one less thing for the family to fight about!
By Ralph Hersom

66 Dining Guide

69 Restaurant Review

The Francis Hotel’s new restaurant shows us what it’s made of.
By Claire Z. Cramer


101 House of the Month
La Rochelle is Bar Harbor’s nod to the founder of Bowdoin College.
By Colin W. Sargent

106 New England Home & Living

Maine Life

17 Maine Classics
19 Concierge
20 Experience
26 Chowder

29 Portland After Dark

“Party of One”
A solo journey through the city’s bars proves that one isn’t the
loneliest number after all.

By Olivia Kostishevskaya Gunn

53 The Ultimate Smackdown
Portland hits 18-hour city status. By Colin W. Sargent

70 Holiday Gift List

Time to find out who’s naughty and nice.


111 Fiction
“The Humiliation of the Wood”
By Garrett Soucy


12 From the Editor
14 Letters

65 L’Esprit de l’Escalier
“Evangeline, The Original Beat Icon”
Making a case for Longfellow’s
Evangeline of Acadie: Was she on the road before Jack Kerouac?
By Rhea Côté Robbins

112 Flash

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