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November 2018


8 From the Editor
“Maine, Sweetheart”
By Colin W. Sargent

11 Letters

65 L’Esprit de l’Escalier
“Borders” What’s separating our paths?
By Rhea Côté Robbins


109 Words
On Island
By Susan Minot


34 Ten Most Intriguing
Get to know the Mainers making waves: René Goddess Johnson, Storyteller in Flight; Reade Brower, Media Maverick; June Ranco, Penobscot Treasure; Ben Severance, The Producer; Abdi Nor Iftin, Survivor; Kimberlee Bennett, Reflection on the Water; Ginger Cote, Visionary Musician; Vicki Monroe, The Medium; Kenneth A. Capron, Radical Dreamer; Ariana Rockefeller, The Heiress.
By Colin W. Sargent, Olivia Gunn Kotsishevskaya, Sarah Moore, Colin S. Sargent, Diane Hudson, Sofia Voltin, Mihku Paul

112 Flash


97 House of the Month
For $52,000, you can own this show-biz bungalow near Lakewood Theater.

By Colin W. Sargent

102 New England Home & Living
Exciting properties to make your fantasy of a home in Maine come true.

Maine Life

13 Maine Classics
Because some things never go out of style.

14 Concierge
Your backstage tickets to entertainment.

16 Experience

29 Chowder
A tasty blend of the Fabulous, the Eyebrow-Raising, and the Just Plain Wrong.

31 Portland After Dark

“All That Jazz”
By Olivia Gunn Kostsishevskaya

70 Holiday Gifts & Events Guide 2018
From Staff & Wire Reports


57 Hungry Eye
“Snow Truckin’”
In the winter, where do all the food trucks go?
By Samantha Arsenault, Meaghan Maurice

63 Cheers
“The Wines of Thanksgiving”
Four wines to get you through the holiday and your meal.
By Ralph Hersom

66 Dining Guide
Twenty-five select area restaurants strut their stuff.

67 Restaurant Review
Down home at the East Ender.
By Diane Hudson

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