About Us

Established in 1985 by Colin and Nancy Sargent, Portland Magazine 
fearlessly refuses to offer undifferentiated “content.” Our prizewinning 
stories are singular for having real substance. We celebrate the 
region’s native appeal with revealing, highly detailed stories on 
fascinating personalties; unbiased reviews; cuisine news in our 
acclaimed Hungry Eye pages; and our signature interviews that are 
strikingly not puff pieces. Not monetized, not compromised, and created 
for our readers over everything else, our stories dare to be different 
and dare to provoke. You deserve nothing less.

Each issue captures our audience with fresh fiction (sometimes very 
fresh), great listings, and exclusive angles on curious incidents that 
affect everyday life. From realistic assessments of the local economy 
and its political vagaries to stories on personalities who have chosen 
our area over all others, to Maine’s own variations of the work ethic, 
to light-hearted glimpses of Yankee contradictions, we consistently 
present fresh narratives about the greatest place in the world to visit, 
to do business in, and to live.

More than just a city-lifestyle magazine, Portland Magazine offers an 
extraordinary perspective that has made it a favorite for readers and 
lovers of Maine.