About the Editor

colin08Colin Sargent is a playwright and author of three books of poetry. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, he has been awarded the Maine individual artist fellowship in literature and earned a Stonecoast MFA in creative writing. In 2013, he was awarded his Ph.D. in Creative Writing at Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK. His screenplay Montebello Ice is under option at Gideon Films. The Portland, Maine resident is founding editor and publisher of award-winning Portland Magazine as well as a board member of the literacy organization Maine Reads. Museum of Human Beings is his first novel. According to Publishers Weekly, “Playwright Sargent’s debut novel is a stylish look at the fate of Sacagawea’s baby son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau… An impressively rounded portrait of the laid-back, introspective, nomadic Baptiste, this novel will satisfy fans of American history.” Visit www.museumofhumanbeings.com.

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